5 Foods seniors should avoid

Just eating foods that are considered healthy and consuming the right nutrients it is not enough if you want to have a balanced diet. There are some foods you should eat moderately and even eliminate from your diet if you want to be healthier, especially if you have a chronic condition. There is also a high risk of food poisoning among seniors and some foods make that easier. In this article we will present 5 foods seniors should avoid.

  1. Processed foods

     Choosing pre-packaged foods is very frequent among seniors as they are very simple to prepare and consume. However, these foods can be really bad for your health. They usually contain a large amount of sugar, artificial ingredients, chemicals, preservatives, salt, sodium and unsaturated fats. Because of this, consuming too many processed foods can be dangerous for seniors, especially if they suffer from a condition like heart disease, diabetes or hypertension.

We know, these foods are usually very tasty and addictive, but choosing natural options will be better for your health. Eliminate them little by little and replace them with better options. If you are going to buy them, read the labels carefully and choose the one with less sugar or salt.



  1. Raw seafood

Mussels, oysters, clams and lobsters are very tasty and full of nutrients, but if they are consumed raw they can be dangerous. Raw fish can contain parasitic worms that can cause illness. It is important to cook seafood properly to kill worms.

Be careful when consuming sushi, especially if it is your first time preparing at home. Fish has to be frozen before using it so bacteria can die. If you are not sure about consuming sushi in a restaurant, ask how they prepare it or choose another dish.

  1. Sugary drinks

Sodas, sport drinks and bottled juices are very tasty and may seem as a good option if you don’t want to make your own juice, however, these drinks contain a ridiculously amount of sugar. Even diet sodas are unhealthy: although they are made with artificial sweeteners, they contain lots of ingredients and chemicals that have been associated with health problems. These drinks also contain large amounts of caffeine.

The best option for you is preparing your own juices and smoothies at home, they are very fast to prepare and way healthier.

  1. Raw or undercooked meat

     Consuming raw or undercooked meat can be very dangerous because raw meat can contain bacteria and parasites, like salmonella or E. coli, which could lead to food poisoning.  Watch out when you consume food in the street, especially burgers, sausages and pork. Try to avoid foods like Carpaccio or steak tartare, as they are made with raw meat.

These tips also apply to cold meats, like salami, because they are cured and fermented, not cooked, so they could also contain bacteria.

  1. Empty calories

As we have mentioned in other articles, when we are older we need fewer calories and more nutrients, so it is important to have a balance in our diet to make sure we are consuming all that we need.

When we talk about “empty calories”, we are talking about foods that have lots of calories and very few nutrients at the same time. This means that although they are high in calories, they have no nutritional value. This kind of calories is usually found in fast food, like French fries or donuts, and they usually contain a lot of sugar and salt.

If you end up with medical bills from eating bad food, many find they are difficult to pay.

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We know they are delicious and you are not going to die if you consume them from time to time, but eating empty calories regularly is very unhealthy and can lead to obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure.