Seniors and Health

As people get older, they may have the idea that being fit is not a priority. But being aware of your fitness in later years is definitely a great concern. If a disease is something a person is dealing with, it is most important to keep active to help all the body’s functions operate optimally.

Without daily activity, a person may feel weak and have low energy. Exercise will help keep the body healthy and help to ward off many illnesses. Besides building strength, doing simple exercises will help to insure a person’s outlook of mind and body. Taking a daily walk for at least 20 minutes a day is a great way to start. As your body becomes acclimated to walking, you may find you are able to walk longer and farther.

Some people may feel like giving up and just sit their days away as they get older. They may feel they don’t have the energy to get up and move. Somehow they should get out there and find an exercise that gets their hearts pumping. We can’t stop ourselves from getting older, but we can have a much better journey in getting there.

There are several ways to get your exercise daily. When you go shopping, park several rows from the entrance to the store to make yourself take those extra steps to get there. We are supposed to walk 10,000 steps a day and that may seem impossible. If we challenge ourselves, we can find various ways to get them in.

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While at the mall or shopping plaza, one could make the effort to walk around the stores several times. There are walking clubs that walk the malls. If you don’t want to join a club, you can go and walk the mall several times three times a week and you’ll be surprised how many steps you will get in. This walking can be done anytime, because the mall will be air conditioned and protect you from any inclement weather. So there will be no excuses.

The senior centers around the country will offer free exercise classed that are geared for seniors and their disabilities. Some centers will have a bus service to pick you up and take you home.

A senior can also take advantage of the many internet videos available for exercising. Some are free and may cost some, but then they are yours to use whenever you like.

Check with your doctor before starting any exercise program.