Find a Reputable Insurance Agent

Find a Reputable Insurance Agent

If you are new to Medicare or if you have Medicare and your employer’s health insurance policy stops, you can take out a Medicare Advantage policy or apply for a supplement. Before you do so, you should however, find a trusted agent who knows all types of Medicare policies.

An agent able to assess your situation and inform you about the different options in your policy is better than an agent who simply tries to get involved in a policy to earn a commission. And not the delivery service after the sale has been done. Agents or brokers get renewal commissions for Medicare policies, which can take many years to come. You must maintain contact and be present or ask for help with questions.

The following clue can be used to locate a trusted agent

  1. Recognize when an agent is breaking the rules. There are some health insurance policies that have strict marketing procedures. Agents can’t call to you without your consent, do not come to your home or contact you in public places and apply for a Medicare Advantage policy. Also, look for telemarketers who identify themselves as survey participants and who are interested in the type of Medicare policy you have enrolled in. Often it is only a form of cold call masked.
  1. Understand the difference between a broker and a tied or independent agent. Some agents represent only one insurance company; they are prisoners. Independent agents and brokers may represent several companies and, in some cases, dozens.  Although an internal agent carries out a needs analysis, he/she may not have many products to show you and will only show you what he thinks is the best of his limited portfolio. If you want the most planning options, consult a broker or independent agent.
  1. Where can I find an agent? If you are without an agent or your present health insurer doesn’t have Medicare Advantage policies or Medicare supplement insurance, you need to find a trusted agent. Two options are available: either you search for an agent locally or online. To locate an agent locally, first inquire from your current broker or agents (health, life, owner, car, home owner) to refer you. If he doesn’t provide health insurance policies, he is likely to know someone else who does.

You can also contact your local aging office. I am a good source of information if you are new to Medicare and have questions or are looking for an agent.  If you are more interested in your research online, look for a broker representing several companies. Ask about the sale after the service and do not have to fill out any form until you are okay with the recommended Medicare policy. Get quotes here for a 2019 medicare supplement plan

Finding a broker and scheduling online can end the conflict with an agent, but a local agent might be more readily available if there is a problem after the sale.  When you start in Medicare, follow these steps to get the answers you need and choose from several policies. Anyway you go there; With a Medicare Advantage supplement or policy, it is comforting to have a person with you who has many options for you.