Medicare Covers Dental Benefits is that true?

Medicare covers only the services and supplies essential medically. The Part A and B of the Original Medicare offering coverage is limited to most dental services, but some services do offer cover under certain circumstances. Medicare supplement plans actually do not cover routine checkups, cleanings, or fillings. Medicare does not cover dentures. Thus, if you need dentures, you have to pay the cost. Likewise, the Medicare supplement plans do not cover braces.


Medicare covers dental services required protect overall health or in case there is a need for a dental service prior to any other health service that is to be performed as it is covered by Medicare. Medicare supplement plans do not pay for dental care follow-up or for the hospitalizations that are dental-related. Medicare covers dental services in these circumstances:

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  • You require a jaw surgery to treat the face fractures.
  • You have disease of your jaw and need dental services prior to receiving radiation treatment.
  • You require dental splints due to the jaw surgery.


Medicare Advantage plans is expected to provide the same benefits at least as Part A and Part B original Medicare, and may provide more dental benefits in comparison to Original Medicare. However, some plans are not inclusive of additional dental benefits, and those doing may charge higher premiums, copayments or coinsurance. Thus, it is important to know the actual Medicare supplement plans dental cover.


Are Dental Implants covered?

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A dental implant is anchored to the mouth structure to the jawbone and it serves replacing a failed natural root. Generally, it is attached to a tooth replacement or bridge.


Part A and B of the original Medicare have no cover for the dental implants and it also does not cover the routine dental care. The Medicare Advantage plans in some types include the routine dental services. Medicare Part C, Medicare Advantage offers a way of acquiring Original Medicare coverage through a health insurance private company that is Medicare-approved. Thus, the Medicare Advantage plans are expected to offer the same benefits as Part A and Part B, while the plans include coverage as dental care and coverage for prescription drug as routine care.


If you wish to know about Medicare Advantage plans, ask about its dental implants and services coverage. Be aware that you must continue paying Part B premium monthly, in association with the Medicare Supplement plans or Advantage plans cover premiums.