Why is Medicare Supplement Plan C Going Away?

There has been a lot of fuss about this new rule that is coming up: Medicare supplement plan C is going away soon. What does this mean for those who are already enrolled to it?  Get a new plan at https://www.bestmedicaresupplementplans2019.com/

It´s not going away for current members

Anyone who is already enrolled to this plan or enrolls before January 1st, 2020, will still be able to use the benefits of this plan.

No new members after 01.01.2020

Starting this day, supplement plan C will no longer be offered to new members. This has been decided by congress and the one thing that is making the plan C go away, is the fact that it covers for the Medicare part B deductible. This is an amount of 183$ that needs to be paid annually. The Congress is not allowing any health insurance company cover for this rate anymore, as they are trying to prevent people from using health care services “too much”. This means, that more and more people have started to use health care services even for colds or a flu, or for small paper cuts and pain in the fingers. This has led to high costs for the health insurance companies, higher than what´s being covered by the premium rate. To prevent a collapse, Congress has interfered. The new rule should help, as when people have to pay a certain amount for it, they will start thinking twice before going to visit the doctor.

Existing members are worried

The most of the fuss around this issue has been due to the worries, that now the existing members have. No new members two years from now, means that the existing members will only get older and older. The older a person get, the more health care services they need. This has been proven. Therefore, the health insurance company will have more and more costs and less members that put in money by pacing their premium rates. This leaves the existing members thinking: will the premium rate for supplement plan C drastically increase? Is it better to switch to another plan before this happens?

The good thing is, there is still some time to think this through. Despite what everyone´s been worrying about, professionals say that an increase of the premium rate is not to be expected, and that if any, the increase will be minimal and not drastic.

However, if you´re one of the people that like to have a back-up plan, just in case, the supplement plan G has shown to be a good alternative. This one covers for all expenses, apart for the Medicare part B deductible. This makes it ideal, as it won´t be affected by the new rule, while still covering for most of your benefits. The premium rate for this supplement plan is also not that much higher than the costs for the Medicare supplement plan C. Medicare supplement plan D comes second in line, as this one also covers for almost everything, apart the Medicare Part B deductible and excess charges.